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"Sword", who in May

Release time:2015/7/8 9:21:54 Review Views Category:Huasheng News

    May is an exciting season, May is a red season, May is a season full of vitality! May 19th, Huasheng furniture sales elite gathered in the headquarters auditorium, bursts of applause, the sound of gongs and drums, cries constantly!
    5.18 day is a day worth to commemorate and celebrate, "in 2015, the seventh China office furniture procurement tender evaluation promotion activities" voted online, Huasheng furniture come to the fore in the voting session of the 175 participating enterprises, with votes 15566 steady pick the winner of the vote! Great poet Wang Guozhen said: no more than a foot longer than the road, no than a person higher mountain; on 18 April 8 - 5, after a full 40 days, 960 hours, 57600 minutes of hard fighting, Huasheng reflects tenacity, perseverance, unity to the valuable spirit. During this period, the majority of customers as the basis, the core of the leadership of Yao Zong, various departments, many times to break the voting record! The Mongols said "a man set foot on the ground without grass, all out on the way"! The voting period, Huasheng each enthusiasm, from the broad masses of customers to front-line workers, office staff, each department supervisor, Department Manager, department director, general manager of Department of career of, the boss of the company actively participate in the entire process, and truly reflects the Huasheng team attack, war invariably wins the team spirit!

    Life is like playing a protracted war, every day we are likely to encounter unimaginable difficulties, this time if you retreat, likely to lose the opportunity, be eliminated. Because in this crucial time, you have no choice but to move forward quickly. Don't ever expect second Snooze "rabbit" waiting in front of you. To survive in the competition, we must seize every chance to side, we each sales personnel should be like the TV drama "sword" in Li Yunlong such as difficult as worthless, sword in hand, to break through a tight encirclement, embrace the success in the ring. "Sword" spirit is not only a kind of march forward courageously spirit, is a sublimation of human nature. In all things, there are one percent of the hope, not for the probability of success can only be zero. Only as we stand on a higher platform, with a broader perspective to plan a thing, to insight into the surrounding world, can be invincible, invincible.

    This meeting, Wasson marketing center, general manager of the weekend everyone in "in 2015, the seventh China office furniture bidding evaluation activities to promote" enthusiasm to vote to give full affirmation, also thanks to everyone's hard work in the online voting process pay. At the same time, I hope all wmgs marketing elite continue to give play to the spirit of "bright sword", the courage and boldness, overcome all difficulties, improve performance, achieve the goal. And week in propaganda: to encourage wmgs marketing center, all frontline soldiers strikes, to achieve better performance, group four major manufacturing center, general manager of this month increased the few prizes to boost your confidence and morale. From this month onwards who in wood paint, plate type screen, swivel chair sofa, high-end hotel furniture four products series in any a series of performance reached the top three of the sales manager, the company will cash rewards; these rewards with before the total performance rankings reward without conflict. Announced that the marketing of the elite who immediately enthusiasm, confidence. In the face of such a huge company, marketing center of the soldiers, what are you waiting for? Is the time to the market to have the performance to be effective, we must focus on the market, the target! There must be reasons for the failure, there must be a way to success, we are a group of people with the method, positive run wmgs!

    Conference last week total at the same time to wmgs Marketing Center Assistant General Manager of authorization and division, it will not only improve the Wasson marketing center management efficiency, also accelerate the business of processing speed, better clear the direction of the work. Finally, week of full marketing, full performance of the implementation of the general mobilization; the company in order to enhance the sales staff performance and the operational capacity, shaping the atmosphere of healthy competition, break through the personal ability and efficiency, in June will be on all sales personnel of performance appraisal, performance appraisal are more concerned about the target is promote the joint growth of enterprises and individuals. Through further performance assessment to allow business people to work clearly and behavior, more understanding of the way to achieve the company's strategy, the responsibility of their own.
    This May, wmgs marketing center soldiers will march forward courageously, and strive to enhance the performance. The overriding belief, the sword sheath, who!

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