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Yao Yonghong and his career ten years "fast" Huasheng Company

Release time:2015/7/7 18:02:59 Review Views Category:Huasheng News

    Thirty-fifth 2015 Guangzhou Office Furniture Fair has just concluded, the Chinese Sheng furniture in the exhibition has achieved very good sales performance! Over the same period, sponsored by the office furniture of China Furniture Association Professional Committee of 2015, No. 2, office furniture magazine also reported specifically on entitled "send the young and their" fast "," the article, the mentioned Huasheng furniture Yao Yonghong chairman and his ten years of Huasheng Company. Let us share this special report, review, led by Chairman Yao Yonghong Huasheng Company from anonymity to an industry known, perhaps we can insight into the "fast", the essence of business. The following is the "office furniture" magazine published the original text.
    The world of martial arts, but not fast breaking. The competition between enterprises, is also a quick fish. Known as the "fast" companies, as if the same as the success of the industry, so many companies as the speed of life. But how can gallop in the fast lane is turn over, the driver needs calm and technology.
    China office furniture industry in recent years, a batch of young faction cut a striking figure. They at the helm of the enterprises to predecessors did not grow at the same rate, expansion, and surpass, out of a previous Dong ran a different way. They or overtaking, or by leaps and bounds, or do not take the unusual way - - - - - - behind these "fast" company is young school at the helm, persistence, courage and insight and strategy.
    The beat of the market in China
    2015 is the eleventh year of the establishment of Chinese furniture. The camp of "seniority", in the industry Hua Sheng is clearly not to "old" itself, but on the production scale and visibility, Huasheng has been among the industry leader.
    Turning to the ten years of development, Hua Sheng, chairman of Yao Yonghong so to sum up: Huasheng step quasi market rhythm, both steady and overtaking, the realization of the rapid development.
    Yao Yonghong to sum up the development of ten years with the word "layout" of the game. In his view, entrepreneurs need to have insight into the economic trends and industry trends, these judgments will     ultimately affect the major decisions, which is the layout of the enterprise. In the layout of him, finally in the first ten years of the miaoqi industry so sit up and take notice of a plate.
    The art of "fast" and "slow"

    In March 2004, Yao Yonghong and two partners founded the Chinese sheng. Prior to the start, Yao Yonghong has ten years of working experience. He worked as a motor industry quality management, have also been the electronics company production management, the marketing manager of a furniture company. This record of a housekeep entrepreneurs is very valuable. It makes Yao Yonghong with the spirit of the craftsman, marketing experience and management skills. And these three kinds of ability for manufacturing enterprises of the boss is essential.
    "Hua Sheng relatively high starting point, can be described as a hit." Yao Yonghong recalled some of the past proud. "We put a lot of hardware into the hardware. China's independent plant covers an area of 50 acres, an area of more than 2 square meters, which is the largest in the year of Zhongshan. Secondly, our products are located in the beginning of the high-end, the price is higher than the similar products in Zhongshan. I was thinking is, or do not start, or do big things." He then added.
    Huasheng began to go is to do inventory, production line of the road, this way is clearly in the shadow of tyrone. But in order to realize the variation competition, Washington will be the initial focus of system products in wood paint products, including desk, file cabinet, table, chair of stage of the top class in a kindergarten,, in order to avoid have greater capacity of enterprises face the competition.
The fact that Yao Yonghong the market analysis is correct. Only took two years time, Hua Sheng of the annual production and sales volume reached the wuliuqianwan yuan, smoothly among the Zhongshan office furniture is in the second camp.
    In 2006, Washington began production chair and sofa. Just two years ago with "high high", the new project started building is 4000 square meters, 10000 square meters to a year later.
    "The reason to take this step, mainly to break the old pattern of Zhongshan office furniture enterprises." Yao Yonghong to "office furniture" explanation. At that time the situation is, Zhongshan office furniture matching product companies rarely, once a full set of customers, the manufacturers can only go to Shunde to buy sofas and chairs. "Supporting the product is clearly a market, of course, there are disadvantages. In this region of Zhongshan, the production of such products is too small, not a complete industrial chain. So I suggest have the same idea together with the enterprises in the project, soon to be friends of the industry response, to form a cluster effect, Zhongshan office furniture products also have a new market. " Yao Yonghong added.
    The most profound impression that the development of China's development to the industry is "fast".
    2009, Hua Sheng took third steps. This time it is to enter the panel screen furniture.
    "In fact, in 2008 I would consider whether or not to change the development path of china." Yao Yonghong said. There are two types of office furniture: one is the production of one product, the other is the full range of products. According to the target market is divided into two categories: one is to go shopping channels, the other is to take the project. China is developing from a single system to the whole system in terms of products; in the target market, it is also hoped that from the initial store to the project. "To do the project must be on board type screen products." Yao Yonghong said.
    But this time, China appears to be very cautious. Screen project in 2008 2009 preparations for the start, the plant size is not large enough to do the 3 and a half years to 20000 square meters of new plant development. Yao Yonghong know furniture screen in Guangzhou periphery have done better manufacturers, Hua Sheng as a latecomer need steady, not aggressive.
    At this time, he thought the focus has shifted from the pursuit of development speed to pay attention to the development of quality. Between fast and slow paced, Hua Sheng is willing to sacrifice speed and profit for the overall quality of the overall quality. "After experiencing a period of rapid growth, I began to consider how to further enhance the corporate brand image." Yao Yonghong said.
    Although the sales of 2011 years has been more than 300000000 Yuan, but Yao Yonghong will not continue to expand the capacity and expansion of the product system, but will focus from hardware to software". This year, he decided to work with senior designer Xu Zhaoming office furniture, design the best office furniture exhibition hall in Zhongshan, while the introduction of various types of personnel, improve the quality of the enterprise.
    Big shed is big enough

    "In 2012, I did what I thought was right." Yao Yonghong said.
    He refers to the board when the 10 Huasheng paint class, all promoted by class E2 original E1.
    "The original Zhongshan enterprises are mostly using E2 board, paint seal solid environmental protection can also be up to standard, because the material cost is relatively low, corporate profits have security. Although the E1 Board meets the higher environmental standards, but the cost is also high. This is a decision that the Huasheng year increase in the cost of at least about ten million yuan." Yao Yonghong told     "office furniture".
    Enterprise's major decisions tend to "pull the whole body". Hua Sheng for the board is intended to enter the project bidding market. Prior to spend heavily invited experts to design exhibition hall, then launched a series of screen products, at the same time, the introduction of tooling personnel and improve the product qualification - - - - - Huasheng entering the market project has apparently success will come when conditions are ripe. While the use of E1 grade sheet, the Huasheng products crossed the threshold of environmental protection.
    "Mainstream brands on the market such as engineering, the Yangtze River, and other enterprises already use E1 grade sheet. We only have to catch up in the material, to squeeze into the mainstream brand camp. Although we have abandoned the immediate profit, but has won the future market, I think it is worth." Yao Yonghong said.
    Between this happen Yide, Huasheng own goal is getting closer and closer to: build the comprehensive strength of the strongest office furniture enterprises.
    By the end of 2012, has become the Huasheng store channels, open up market project "amphibious" enterprises. In order to adapt to the new demand of modern office, Huasheng in "wmgs" brand, in 2013 launched the "Huadan" brand new. The latter mainly aimed at the fashion office furniture market, focusing on pushing plate furniture, to make up for the lack of the original product system, and at the same time to speed up the development of panel screen furniture.
    By the end of 2013, China is also testing the waters of hotel furniture and villa furniture, and in the beginning of 2014 operations, "has achieved initial results".
    "2014 is the birth of the ten anniversary of the birth of China, it can be said that the stage of China completed a good layout. The next ten years, is the real development of China's ten years!" Yao Yonghong told "office furniture".
    About the future of China
    If you want to sum up the ten years of their own experience, Yao Yonghong more willing to use the "Zhi Cungaoyuan, down to earth," the simple words.
    China's ten years of development both to achieve the corner overtaking, and no strategic mistakes. Yao Yonghong said that this is not only a lucky element, but also the results of the plan. "We will focus on the future development of the future. Every step is not blind. We don't just look at the present, but think about the situation in two or three years." Yao Yonghong said. He subsequently, for example, had to do swivel chair and sofa, not only to increase several ancillary products, in fact, is to promote the sales of furniture paint; and mounting plate screen project and promote the sales of swivel chair and sofa; to improve the level of the plate, successfully entered the bidding market, is to promote the launch of a new project of the series of products Gau Washingmyr, are actually on the original product system to supplement and deepen. "This a series of strategy, we are not sophisticated, but we take each step will go to see a few steps, like chess." Yao Yonghong explained.
    Office furniture enterprises have two paths to go: one is focused on the single product, for individual champion; the other is to do a comprehensive enterprise, to provide customers with the overall office space solutions. Yao Yonghong is the latter for china.
    He believes that with the development of the society, the market for the overall office environment operation requirements are increasingly high. And at present China's office furniture manufacturers, basically doesn't have much in the directly to customers to provide overall service capacity, so the demand fell into the dealer, they through the integration of products to serve customers. "We want to do the integration of manufacturers, to provide customers with one-stop service. This is the future development direction of china." Yao Yonghong said. He believes that as long as the ground, you can go to the other side.
    Huasheng Company to create is a Dahua Sheng platform, under the correct leadership of the Yao Yonghong, chairman of the board of directors, the company always adhere to the to "create a comprehensive strength of the strongest office furniture enterprises" as the long-term target, to "global commercial furniture leader" for the company, broad vision, in the industry made profound influence on the brand. Believe  that the president Yao Yonghong for the helm of the Chinese event in the future to develop faster and more stable...... Let's run with Yao Zong's fast pace!

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